Failed Prototypes of Coalition

Prototype B: 


Exchange Device:

Allows exchange between parts. Its transactions are detected and regulated by the decisional center.

Media Generator:

Its main role is deliver feedbacks to units, mostly to collective memory. It does it so by transforming the output received from decision center to input data ready to be used for the members in the collective memory to generate more interaction. In later developments, with the insertion of wifi its functionality became faster and unexpectedly  the unit developed a gapfiller by surveillance and generation of quickly consumable data. This unintended behaviour opened up wuestions on the functionality of the prototype.

Decisional Center:

It is developed to make the machine faster by allowing faster data transfer between the collective memory and the decisional center. Its lateral structure is effective to simplify complex information and transfer it. Since its main objective is to be faster, it is obliged to leave out a large amount of valuable information during the process for the sake of managing complexity.

Decisional Center:

Deals from the operations of the system to controlling the transactions in the machine. Its main role is to receive information from the collective memory, process it and feed it back to it as well as to regulate the machine accordingly. Many things don’t go as expected.

Collective Memory:

It is the unit where the main information is generated. Small members in the device generate data by interacting with each other and with other devices in the machine. Machine both provides and receives data as feedback. It is in endless interaction which gives the energy to the rest of the machine. As the prototype proceeded in its learning, many problems have been detected in this part of the device.

Problem 3:

Surveillance: With the application of network connection, the media gereator became even faster and developed an algorithm to operate complex information created in collective memory, that was not managed to be dealt before. The decisional center has used this system to operate better, but this caused even more manipolation on the info, that the machine, instead of learning, started to go into loop.

Problem 2:
Manipulation in the Generation of Info

Manipulation in the generation of info: Media generator’s initial role was to transform the received information into digestible input for the collective memory. Its tentatives, under strict control and unlimited transparency from thedecisional center, caused it to generate manipulative information. This lead the collective memory to generate assimilated information.

Problem 1:

Asymmetric Information:For the sake of fastness, the transmitter had to give up on progressing every bit of information into the decisional center. The transmitter sent signals and collected compressed binary data periodically, in order to transmit it to the decisional center.

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